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Stay Fashionable With Classy Nursing Dresses In Philippines

Classy Nursing Dresses In Philippines

Fashion and style go hand in hand for every woman. Nothing can stop a woman from looking trendy, even during pregnancy. At Momewear, we understand that and which is why we have designed five new classy nursing dresses in Philippines for pregnant women and new mothers. Let’s take a look at them, one by one.


Available in black and navy blue options, Angel is a nursing short jumpsuit for new moms that will truly give you the look of an angel. It has a side zip that can give access from both the side for breastfeeding. It comes in all kinds of sizes which is also suitable for, pregnant women of every trimester. The material used for the dress is 70% polyester 30% cotton spandex, which gives it an elastic property, Adding fashion and comfort, both.



If you are uncomfortable with short jumpsuits, you can go for Sam, a long ankle length jumpsuits. Made of similar materials as Angel, this jumpsuit gives you the option of different colors. Black, Blue-green, Mocha Brown, Navy blue, Royal blue, and maroon are the six different colors available. Loose fitted and comfortable to wear in summer, is not only perfect to wear during pregnancy but also for nursing women.


Do you need to go to a party and your old dresses have become too tight to fit? Marsha is a beautiful and classy dress for pregnant women and nursing mothers to wear in any kind of party and functions. Apart from that, the dress has a special feature, zip from the top of the dress to middle which gives easy access for nursing. Available in the same colors as Sam, you can buy this dress whether you are pregnant or a new mom and use it in the long term as well.



Another dress yet again made of 70% polyester 30% cotton spandex. Belle, the ultimate maxi dress. With the correct maxi dress in your wardrobe, you have a go-to piece that you can without much of stretch spruce up or down, for daytime style, easygoing weekends, wedding guest clothing, beach get-away dressing, and memorable nighttimes out. Wherever you are, the easy access of the dress help in nursing for new moms. It is also most suitable for pregnant women in the last trimester as they are very loose fitted and comfortable.


Flared sleeves are really trendy right now in the market, which is one of the best features of Anya. Available in several colors, this jumpsuit can come real handy for a date night giving you a stylish and smart look. Sizes available from small to free is a must have in your closet as maternity and nursing clothes.

If you are worried about the prices of these dresses, then don’t be anymore. As one of the best maternity clothing store in the Philippines, we provide the best maternity and nursing dresses at very reasonable prices.

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