It starts with one mother who has family background with manufacturing of clothing line who also have faith and insist to purely breastfed her two babies as she discover the need of nursing wear for breastfeeding mom and that she truly believe that every mom deserve to use a nursing wear which is comfortable and affordable. And we are happy to let you know that all items are locally made.

Enjoy the bond of motherhood with Momewear!

The journey to have a new life is full of surprise and excitement. As your body changes to adopt these beautiful transformations, let Momewear be your perfect partner to make it even more beautiful and comfortable, and of course fashionable! Momewear aims to provide maternity and nursing wear to all mommies which are 100% comfortable and useful.

Here at momewear, we believe that a healthy pregnancy and motherhood do not just come with the foods, activities or habits you do but also with the right clothing that will give convenience both to you and to your child. We will continue providing the best maternity and nursing wear with the best quality at the most affordable price.