Why Maternity Nightwear Is Must-Have For Every Expecting Mom

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Winters are challenging. Pregnancy is challenging. And being pregnant during winters is a ‘double trouble’. The Philippines is going through a phase of winter now and the pregnant, shivering mothers are going through a lot. Needless to say, getting at least a pair of maternity nightwear is as crucial as getting regular maternity wear and meds.

For those who are not certain how these clothes are any different, let’s explain a little before listing the reasons why it’s crucial. Maternity wear are specially designed clothes that take care of the growing body of the mother. It gives plenty of room to the baby growing inside and the mother who is nurturing them. Maternity nightwear is just even more comfortable clothes that you can wear while sleeping at night.

Laura FetigueSleeping comfortably at night is crucial for both you and your baby. Sleeping uninterrupted during pregnancy is a difficulty, and as a result, several mothers stay tired most part of the day. Needless to say, making bathroom trips throughout the night makes it even more challenging.

This usually comes as no surprise, as If you are an expecting mother, by the end of the 1st trimester, you clearly are making multiple trips to the bathroom between sleep. The frequency is likely to go up, as you proceed towards your due date. As the baby grows gradually, it exerts pressure on the bladder, even more, making you pee more frequently as compared to normal days. Moreover, winters make us pee more often anyways.

Olivia BlueSo, it sums up that you need to get up several times throughout the night and pulling up your otherwise secured pants is quite difficult. Thus going for suitable maternity nightwear is crucial. In case you are wondering you need to spend a lot on it, you are mistaken. You can grab excellent maternity nightwear from the house of Mome at a reasonable price.

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Feel free to consult other mamas who are going through the same. Though there is no way to ‘fix’ this issue, you would get courage and motivation. At Momewear, we offer a wide range of dresses that you can drape gracefully at day and lots more dresses than you can wear at night to deal with your pee breaks. So, visit the stores of Mome today and bring a few of them.

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