Wearing Nursing Bras After Childbirth: Helpful Or Not?

“Breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to herself, her baby, and the Earth.” – Pamela .K. Wiggins.

Breastfeeding is a very important and natural part of a mother’s life after childbirth. It is also something which is done as many times as needed all day long and even at night. This is a reason why a lot of women avoid wearing bras after childbirth. Sure there are Breastfeeding Friendly Nursing Tops which helps to some point. But we are here to tell you that bras help too.

Your breasts change during pregnancy, which is why your regular bras will have to be discarded long before, during even the early stages of pregnancy. This is the time when you should start wear nursing bras during breastfeeding. Wearing a well-fitted nursing bra can help in controlling the stretch of breast tissues.

Your normal bras have a lot of disadvantages which your nursing bras won’t have. Before and after breastfeeding, your breast size changes . To deal with the same, nursing bras are designed in a way that offers excellent support to the changing size of your breasts.

Check if your nursing bra has these features when you go shopping:

Extended eye clip and hooks: A good nursing bra should always have extended eye clip and hooks for your comfort and necessity.

Detachable Style: The cups should be detachable so that it’s easy for you to nurse.

Wider Diaphragm And Soft Lining: The bra of your choosing should have a wider diaphragm according to your breast size to offer good support. Also, the inner lining of the bra should have a soft material, preferably cotton.

Slings: The inner cups must have a sling to help and to hold the straps set up while nursing your child.

No Underwires: Some nursing bras have underwires to provide extra support. The hard underwired bras can cause a lot of pain, so it is crucial to keep them out of the list.

Nursing bras will also help you in the long term as it cares and protects your breasts in an efficient manner.

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