Tips To Host A Memorable Baby Shower

The arrival of a new baby is a proud and overwhelming moment for every would-be-mother! And the time is worth celebrating. If you’re planning to host a baby shower for the expectant mother, you have a great opportunity to make it a memorable one!

Make the simple celebration perfect with Momewear, a leading maternity clothing store, in the latest style. Here are some ideal tips for you to host a baby shower…

1. Picking Dates:

Picking a guest-friendly date is important for your guest. Make sure you’re picking a date which is comfortable for every guest you’re going to invite, as well as with you (make sure you have no doctors appointment on that date). Plan your baby shower where you will be comfortable with your due date (try to put on one or two months earlier).

2. Choose A Venue:

Choose an easy to reach the venue. Home, local park, restaurant, are great for hosting your baby shower party. If you want to keep it budget friendly, choose your home or any park. The Restaurants are great for the occasion, where you don’t have to worry about food and drinks, and got to relax .

3. Invite Your Guest:

Invite your nearest and dearest family members, friends, cousins. Nowadays, men also attend on baby showers. Invite your male friends only whom you’re comfortable with. If you are not the expectant mother, don’t forget to ask her before inviting male friends. You can send your invitations via E-mail or by a card. Make sure guests receive their invitation two-three weeks earlier so they can get time to prepare before the shower.

4. The Choice Of A Theme:

If your baby is a girl, pick a theme based on pink or if your baby is going to be a boy, pick a blue based theme. If you don’t know the gender, go to any theme.

5. Organize Foods For The Guest:

Keep your food simple and lightweight. You can serve Sandwich, themed sliders, Mini Tarts, popcorns, chicken skewers and so on. Don’t forget to put plenty of deserts on the menu. Starting from the diaper cake to sundaes, ice-cream, candy cane and many more.

6. Pick Your Outfit:

Make sure you choose comfy clothes on your baby shower. Our Maternity Clothing Stores presenting stylish yet comfortable clothes for every mama-to-be. Make your entry in style!

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Make the baby shower memorable with some creativity. Write messages in cards welcoming the new baby, decorate with wall hangings with helpful notes.

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