Tips To Cope Up With Cluster Feeding

New mothers often face many hardships while caring for their newborn. Cluster feeding is one such thing can make any new mom restless and nervous. Cluster feeding is behaviors exhibited by many infants in which they keep on yearning to feed too frequently, sometime within an hour of previous feeding season. Needless to say, it is much easier to do it with classy nursing dresses as compared to regular, everyday clothes. Today, let’s share some useful tips to cope up with the same, effectively.

1. Acknowledge And Address

Cluster Feeding | Momewear

The coping up ‘well’ with it, begins with recognizing that you are dealing with cluster feeding. Needless to say, you will have to keep in touch with various aspects of breastfeeding and newborn care for the same. Moreover, staying in touch with your fellow mama-buddies is a great help recognizing it.

2. Stay Calm And Comfortable

Cluster Feeding | Momewear

Don’t panic and put yourself in bad mood, thinking you are doing something wrong. Be calm, it will get better with time! Staying comfortable is a big help in this regard. Thankfully leading maternity clothes stores offer classy nursing dresses, that comes handy. Nursing dresses are easy to put on and the zippers and compartments make it easier to feed your baby at frequent intervals.

3. Stay Hydrated And Full

Cluster Feeding | Momewear

Your baby is feeding off you, so it is extremely crucial that you stay healthy and fine as well. Lactating phase is quite challenging for most mothers. It can leave you feeling parched and tired. It is crucial to stay hydrated all the time. Keep your water bottle and box of cookies within your reach. Try to go for infused water if possible, it will help you stay replenished and energetic.

4. Speak To Other Mamas

Cluster Feeding | Momewear

Cluster feeding is more common than you may think. Reach out for other mamas who are facing the same dilemma. You are likely to get some useful tips and vice versa, which you won’t find otherwise in any textbook. Shared experience and comfort can be extremely helpful.

Hopefully, these tips will help you cope up with cluster feeding effectively. Many mothers often end up feeling guilty, assuming it to be their fault and feeling that they are unable to produce enough milk for their infant. Always remember, having cluster feeding or any other discomfort during breasting-feeding is NOT because of you. With proper care and support, it can be addressed for good.

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