Tips To Breastfeeding Your Baby At Night

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Having a baby is a wonderful emotion, but it is often tiring as well. It is particularly true when its the time to feed the newborn, 7 to 10 times in a day, and particularly when its the feeding rituals during nights. Many new moms inquire about the best nursing wear online to help them cope up with the same. Here we offer a few helpful tips to deal with the same.

1. Find a Comfortable Position

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Most important thing is to lie down or sit in a comfortable position. Usually, a sofa or bed is the best, but a rocking chair or swing does a pretty good job too if that is what feels more comfortable. If your baby feeds for a significant period of time, then try to position the baby such that you too have some space to do anything for your own, like getting a bite or two.

2. Get Nursing Clothes

Nursing Wear Online Philippines

Pulling up or down your clothes during the nighttime feeding is hectic both for you and your baby. Order at least a few nursing wear online as they come handy for your feeding duties. Easy access to your feeding is quick and convenient and also helps you stay warm during cold nights.

3. Keep The Lights Out

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At first, you need visuals to latch your baby on, but once you master the art, try to leave the lights off. This encourages baby, to go back to sleep after feeding, and also helps you and partner to resume your sleep, with a little lesser challenge. A small flashlight or nightlamp is a much better option if needed immensely.

4. Keep ‘Your’ Stuffs Nearby Too


Keep a basket within reach having stuff for you as well. Try to include healthy snacks for yourself, along with water or other necessary things as well. Feel free to listen to some music to relax your mind.

5. Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Help

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Feeding your baby can make you tired too. So, don’t feel burdened while asking for help from your husband or another family member. For once in a while, you can also consider baby formula or store breast milk in advance and ask any family member to bottle feed her while you sleep or take rest.

Adopt these simple but effective tips to make feeding your baby at more ease. Get all the clothes for your journey of motherhood from the house of Momewear.

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