Tips On Pregnancy Care This Monsoon

Monsoon Pregnancy Tips

Monsoon is the season where some days you might enjoy the rain and some days it becomes gloomy. During pregnancy, your emotions run rampant. Some days you might feel like opening your windows, enjoying the cool breeze while snuggling under a blanket with a hot drink in your hand. Other days, you might feel more uncomfortable due to too much humidity, and the gloomy weather can become the reason of your random mood swings. But, one disadvantage that comes with monsoon is a lot of diseases and germs. If you are pregnant, you will have to take care of both you and your baby. We, at Momewear, a leading maternity clothing store in the Philippines, are giving you some tips on how to take care of yourself this monsoon.

Eat healthily:

During monsoon try to avoid raw fruits and vegetables. Both of them have water contents in them. If you leave cut fruits and vegetables out in the open, it automatically can attract germs and microbes to it. Eating that can cause indigestion, nausea, sometimes even stomach infection. Also, try to avoid street foods during this time. If you love eating roadside foods and craving them, it’s better to try curbing the craving. Stay hydrated as much as possible. You can go for soups and freshly cooked dishes.


Monsoon can bring two kinds of day. Some days it can be very humid and other days it can be cold. You need to prepare your wardrobe accordingly. You can even go to a good maternity clothing store to buy monsoon appropriate maternity clothes. For humid days avoid anything synthetic and nylon. Put on some loose fitting clothes which will be good for both you and the baby. On cold days you can simply wear some full sleeved tops or dresses.

Stay clean:

Hygiene is very important during monsoon. Take a bath two times per day to ensure that you remain cool. Keep a wet tissue or towel with you so you can use it to wipe sweat and humidity away. Never step outside without proper footwear. Muddy water with soil and sewage can cause contamination. Wash your feet and hands with warm water and a disinfectant cleaner to keep them spotless and protected against contaminations and other skin issues.

Sanitize your home:

As you might stay most of the time at home, particularly during the last trimester of pregnancy try to keep the house spotless and new. Use a disinfectant to clean the restrooms and floors. Use bug control for your homes to shield you from flies, cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes and different illnesses.

Follow these simple tips and have a healthy pregnancy this monsoon.

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