Tips On How To Look Stylish In Your Baby Shower

A baby shower can be both exciting and emotionally overwhelming for a pregnant woman. If you are a mother-to-be, you will be the center of attention in your own baby shower. While dressing up for your baby shower there will be a lot of factors to focus on, like, where is the baby shower going to be? What kind of guests is there going to be? Is it going to be a casual thing or a classy thing? Today, we at Momewear, a leading nursing wear store in the Philippines, are going to give you some tips to look the best in your own baby shower.

Baby Shower | Momewear


First, it is important to know what kind of baby shower is going to happen. Whether it is a casual event or classy and formal event, it will depend on whoever is hosting the baby shower. You wouldn’t want to be overdressed or underdressed in your own baby shower. If it’s casual, it is simpler to pull off light color maternity clothes that will keep you cool and look stylish. Nonetheless, if it’s a lot more dressier event, you can generally go for a fitted dress that fits the body in all the correct places and shows off your bump.

The Dress:

Once you get to know if it’s casual or dressy you will need to pick out your dress. You should also consider whether you will be outdoors or indoors. But most importantly you need to pick a dress according to the season. Whatever dress you pick you should think solely about your comfort first.

For summer: A colorful floral dress is perfect for summer. You can add a sweater or cardigan to the sundress for a formal outfit with inherent layers.

Pair dress jeans or white pants with a basic top, cardigan. Maxi dresses are stunning and ideal for the humid climate.

For winter: You would want both to look stylish and not feel cold. Pair a turtleneck sweater with a pencil skirt, with tights underneath, for a dressy look. Include tights underneath a knee-length dress, with a scarf and a cool jacket on top. Pair a tunic dress with knee-high boots and knee-high socks to coordinate. You can pick these dresses from a good maternity clothing store.


After picking out the dress you will need accessories to compliment your style and look. Pick stylish earrings along with your dress. You can also use gemstones as earrings or bracelets, for example, your child’s birthstone. Couple it with a tote bag or sling bag to keep things you might need to use.


It would be best to stick with flat shoes or boots to accompany your dress. If you are in your final trimester you may want to avoid pointed heels.

Baby Shower | Momewear

Remember it is your baby shower and you are the star of the day. So whatever you wish to wear be confident and flaunt it well.

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