Product Review: Must-Have Tops ‘Bea’ And ‘Mama’s

Nursing Wear | Momewear

Are you a new mother who needs to change the wardrobe and are searching for good quality nursing clothes? For a nursing mother, it is important that the clothes you are wearing are comfortable and friendly enough for you to breastfeed. We at Momewear, are offering such breastfeeding-friendly tops ‘Bea’ and ‘Mama’s’.


Breastfeeding Friendly Tops | Momewear

Highly affordable, available at only ₱199. Bea is a great quality breastfeeding friendly dress. It is made of cotton fabric which is very lightweight and easy to wear, even during summer. The best feature is, of course, the easy access as it has both side opening in the top as that will help you nurse your child very easily. This is available in three sizes; small, medium, and large. Also, it is available in only one colour, i.e orange. You can wear it both as a dress or as a top by pairing it with comfortable jeans or leggings. The front and top part of the dress is beautifully and intricately designed with lace.


Breastfeeding Friendly Tops | Momewear

Made of a hundred percent cotton spandex. Mama’s is also very affordable at ₱260. This dress can be worn both as a maternity dress or a nursing dress. You can also wear it as both a dress or a top. Pair it with black leggings and voila, you will have the perfect outfit as evening wear. It comes in three colours white, pink, and yellow-green. Available in three sizes; long, medium, and small, you can easily buy these dresses, especially if you are a new mother. It has access from the front as it is a V-neck top and you can pull the top down during nursing. The dress is beautifully designed having creases down in the front at the lower half of the dress, along with a cinched waist.

At Momewear, you will find several kinds of breastfeeding-friendly tops and nursing dresses, which not only allows you to keep your style but also designed in a fashionable way, that will make you feel confident. Whether you are at home, your work, a party, or a get together you can easily wear any of these dresses that would go with the occasion. As it is also an online store, you can easily shop and get the dresses sitting at home and won’t even have to endure the long hours of roaming the shopping mall to find the perfect maternity or nursing dress.

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