Peeing For Two? How Maternity Clothes Help You Can Deal With It!

I Have To Go Pee. Apparently, This Baby Thinks That My Bladder Is A Squeeze Toy.”

This one-liner said by pregnant Rachel Green from the well-known sitcom ‘Friends’ is something every expecting mother can relate to. ‘Eating for two’ is what everyone knows about the time carrying another life inside. However, do you know, that pregnancy also makes you ‘pee for two’. Let’s understand why is that and how you can be a little relieved with maternity clothes.

As the baby grows, they exert pressure on the lower abdomen. As a result, the bladder gets squeezed, urging you to pee even when your bladder is yet not completely filled. Moreover, the movement of the baby and kick-boxing further adds pressure to the bladder, making peeing more often. As a result, you are tiptoeing all the time to make bathroom trips.

Needless to say, every time you make a visit to pee, you need to undo lower half of your clothes, attend the nature’s call and then get it back on. It sounds easy, as we all do it every day. But imagine doing it about 12 times a day, with a baby tucked inside your belly, clubbed with other pregnancy-associated complications like morning sickness, swollen feet, and severe mood swings etc. Things are even more complicating when you are working and have to rush to the 4th floor of the building to attend the nature’s call.

Pee during pregnancy | MomewearThese bathroom breaks are both annoying and have some risks as well. As the bathroom is wet place with slippery floors, any minute slippery can cause any minor to major accidents. So, practicing caution is quite important as well. Having proper maternity clothing is big help. Proper maternity clothes are referred to the specially designed by a maternity clothing store that is comfortable to wear, take off and slip back into it.

At Momewear, we offer a wide range of maternity clothing. We have designed the ultimate clothes that offer the maximum comfort along with a correct blend of fashion in it. The materials of these maternity clothes are breathable and elastic in nature. Which means the clothes are stretchable as per the need of the body and it can be undone and worn quite easily.

So, in case you too are facing something similar, or are still in your 1st trimester, buy some maternity clothes in advance from our maternity clothing store and deal with it in style.

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