Painful Milk Blisters: Definition, Causes, Cure and Care

Do you know a proper nursing bra and nursing wear can save you from a milk blister?

Milk blister is a very common breastfeeding issue amongst the nursing mothers’. Do you feel pain in the nipple while breastfeeding? You might be dealing with a milk blister. Milk blister can be very painful if it is not treated well. Here is what you need to know about curing a milk blister.

What Is Milk Blister?

Milk blister will appear, when the pore of the nipple gets a block or when an extra skin grows up on the nipple or around the areola. The blockage or extra growth of skin blocks the natural flow of milk. It looks like a blister and it can be very painful while breastfeeding. A blister can stay up for weeks or may dry out within a few days.

Causes Of Milk Blister-

The most common causes of milk blisters are-

1. Oversupply of milk

2. Not cleaning the nipples while bathing

3. Ill-fitted nursing bras or innerwears.

4. Yeast infection

5. Nipple injury

6. Thick and fatty milk composition

7. Dehydration or less water drinking

Cure From Milk Blister

There are some home remedies to cure milk blister. If it doesn’t work, immediately consult with a doctor.

(a) Make sure you feed your baby often. Feeding can stimulate your milk flow and will help to reduce the blister.

(b) Change your baby’s feeding position. Try to feed your baby by lying down by giving support with your elbows.

(c) Rub the area gently and press behind your nipples.

(d) Wear a properly-fitted nursing bra and nursing wear.

(e) Clean the nipple regularly while bathing.

(f) Do not let your nipple dried out. Take a cotton ball and soak it in olive oil. Gently place the cotton ball on the nipple before wearing a nursing bra.

Sometimes it gets very painful to breastfeed your baby because of the blister. If you catch fever or inflammation due to the blister, you should see a doctor. The doctor may remove the blister by minor surgery or cure it by prescribing antibiotics.

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