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Must-Have Night Feeding Tops That Should Be In Your Wardrobe

Must Have Night Feeding Tops That Should Be In Your Wardrobe

Getting up every night twice or thrice every day can be very tiring. But that’s you would need to do the first couple after giving birth to your child. Waking up between sleep and going to feed your child can seem like a lot of work which is why night feeding tops are so essential for your wardrobe as a new mother. So, check out these night feeding tops that will help you to feed at night and you can go to sleep wearing them.



Comfort is the only thing that we tend to need when we go to sleep. So, whatever you wear while going to bed should be very comfortable. Sofia is a sleeveless night feeding top that will give you a lot of comforts all throughout the night. Available in three colours; green, orange, and yellow, Sofia is made of pure cotton. So, choose any of your sizes from small to extra-large.



Wouldn’t it be better if part of your top would work as a nursing cover too? Made of 100% cotton spandex, this night feeding top is made in a way that will help you easily give access to your baby to feed by pulling the side tie design. It is only available in cream and brown colour, so pick your choice today.


Simple cotton tops makes feeding quite easy. That is why this night feeding top Stella is so special. There is a cossover cover above the normal top which you can open and feed your baby anytime at night. There are four sizes available small, large, extra-, and medium along with two colours blue and green.



The material of this night feeding top is of french terry fabric. This makes the top light-weight and moisture absorbent. It’s also made from 100% cotton. It has a V-opening in the inside and pulls the upper half of the top for nursing. The sizes available for this top are from Small to Extra-large. There are four different colour options available for this top. They are old rose, black, peach, and white.


Another two-layer night feeding top which not only gives you comfort but will also keep you warm. The inner layer has a V-opening and the outer layer has a side tie which makes feeding easy and looks stylish. Available in grey, purple, and red, Emma is a must-have.

So, buy these five-night feeding tops when you are ready to buy nursing clothes.

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