Must-Have Maternity & Nursing Clothes In Your Wardrobe: Coleen And Ofelia

It is a known fact that most women love to shop. Women shop before going on a trip, any kind of family functions, parties, etc. But if you are pregnant, you will have to change most of your whole wardrobe. Even after childbirth, you are going to need maternity and nursing clothes. If you are looking for such wardrobe change Momewear is presenting you with two classy nursing dresses Coleen and Ofelia.


Maternity & Nursing Dresses

Buying a Coleen would be a smart choice as it is both a maternity and nursing dress. Available in four colors, Black, Blue, Brown, and Purple, it is dress perfect for wearing in family functions. You can wear this dress mostly during summer, especially during hot days. The dress is made of one hundred percent cotton spandex, which would be perfect in this weather. As the dress is loose and stretchable, you will feel comfortable in it during the last months of pregnancy. The best feature of this dress is the sleeves. You can wear it in a sleeveless style or off-shoulder whichever suits you best. The dress is designed in a way where you can nurse your newborn in the public or if you are outside your home for too long. Coleen is available in various sizes from small to extra-large.


Maternity  & Nursing Dresses

Whether you are seven months pregnant or a new mother, it doesn’t mean that you need to throw your style and fashion out of the window. You can wear equally comfortable and fashionable dresses, any time you want to. Wraparound dresses and skirts have come back into the fashion world for quite a time. Ofelia is one such wrap-around nursing dress perfect for a new mother. If you like floral print, this dress is perfect for you. You can wear this dress even in some formal party. The wraparound design will give a smart look along with the belt looped around in front. Pair with gold earrings, and you will have your dress for the evening. If you are a new mother and have gone out with your child, you can easily breastfeed in public as the dress gives access to nursing. Even if you are still carrying some baby fat from your pregnancy you won’t have any problem regarding the size. This classy nursing dress is available in all kinds of sizes, from small to extra-large.

So, as you can see Coleen and Ofelia, are both equally beautiful and classy maternity and nursing dresses which every to-be-mother or new mother must have in their wardrobe. So don’t hesitate to buy them while visiting our maternity clothing store.

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