“MARSHA”- An Absolute Nursing Wear For New Mothers

A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die” -Mary Mason

The quote is truer than anything. A baby grows perfectly inside the womb of their mother for nine happy months. It’s a very difficult time for every mother because they need to take care of themselves more than ever. When it comes to clothes, a myth always roams around their head about Nursing Wears.

Marsha Nursing Wear | Momewear

Remembering the good old days, women had to wear a loose fitting dress and oversized rug to their cover baby bump. Those days are gone now. Now women work in both indoor and outdoor and the era became modernized day by day. Pregnancy is a kind of fashion now, especially showing the baby bump. However, with the random change of fashion choice, women are now free to wear everything, that is comfortable during their pregnancy.

Buying lots of maternity clothes can be very expensive, also you can not use them regularly after your maternity period. So, what would you do?

Marsha Nursing Wear | Momewear

Momewear is here to solve your every problem with one solution. We always think about mommy’s comfort and fashion. That’s why we brought you the most beautiful and comfortable brand new Nursing wear “Marsha”. It is suitable for nursing mothers with their material. We made it with cotton spandex and polyester. The cotton spandex fabric is very comfortable, stretchy, and it will not wrinkle after every time use. Cotton spandex contains 93% of cotton and 7% of spandex. Let’s check the features of our product.


1. Comes in a wide range of sizes as it is available for small to large Dress size.

2. A magic zip in the middle, which is easy to pull down while breastfeeding.

4. 70% Polyester and 30% cotton spandex. You can wear it from your first trimester to the third trimester.

5. Available in 6 colors- Black, green, navy blue, mocha brown, royal blue, Blue-green and maroon.

Marshadress is the most popular Nursing Wear amongst new mothers. Hurry up and pick yours!

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