How Often Should You Breastfeed Your Baby?

Nursing your baby is the first task that comes with childbirth. It is a crucial thing to do, while you see your baby grows up without any health problems. While breastfeeding your baby with care, it is also important for the mom to feel comfortable during feeding, nursing wear helps so much in this. So it is wise to buy nursing wear online than from anywhere else.

In the first weeks, you need to breastfeed frequently, day and night. You’ll probably find that your baby’s feeds are spaced unevenly. After the first few days, most young babies feed at least eight times a day, sometimes more. So your baby could be asking for a feed as often in every 90 minutes to two hours.

If you’re breastfeeding this often, the more the baby will feed, the more milk you will produce. However, do check that she’s latched on well. Otherwise, she may be nipple-feeding, rather than breastfeeding, and you will feel sore.

You may notice that she seems to want to feed more often, or for longer, at night. This is normal, as your body produces more prolactin, the hormone that makes milk, at night. So by feeding often at night, your baby prompts your body to make more milk.

Your baby will have growth spurts from time to time, and be hungrier because of this. She may want to feed more frequently, or for longer periods, and both. Let her feed as much she wants to, and for as long as she needs it. That way, your milk supply will change to suit her requirements. Your supply most likely to go up within a day or two.

Your baby needs to be able to balance the length of her feeds and her own appetite. So let her finish on one breast before switching. Sometimes she may opt for short or long feeds, depending on how hungry she is. Bear in mind that a newborn baby’s stomach is small. She is only physically able to accommodate small amounts of milk. Breast-milk is very easy to digest and the baby can absorb it in her system quickly.

Over the next few weeks, a pattern of feeding may emerge. This may take a while to establish, though, so try not to be disheartened. Babies tend to go longer between feeds when they become more practiced and expert at feeding. Even when your baby starts solids, breast-milk is still a crucial source of food. However, your baby may choose to cut down normally after six months, and even be happy with just two to three breastfeeds a day.

During these time period and whenever your baby seems especially hungry, follow his or her hunger cues. You may need to temporarily increase the frequency of feedings. It is also important to not breastfeed your baby in regular clothes but buying nursing wear online and wear them.

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