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FAQs A Mother Might Ask About Maternity and Nursing Clothes – Part 2

Maternity and Nursing Clothes

In the previous blog of Momewear, we answered some of the frequently asked questions by to-be-mothers, which they tend to ask before buying any nursing clothes or maternity wears. In this blog, we are continuing with some more questions.

What size of maternity clothes should I buy? What size will I wear in 3 months?

Maternity clothes are designed in a way that whichever size you normally wear, you can continue wearing the same size. Whether you are in your first trimester or second trimester, you can keep wearing the same size. The sizes are such that if you normally wear size 26 in jeans, you will need to buy jeans in maternity size 26. You can check the maternity size guide in order to buy your size. Also, if you want to wear loose clothes to feel more comfortable, you can easily wear a size bigger than your own size.

I am on a limited budget and looking for low-priced maternity clothes. What clothes will I definitely need?

If you are on a limited budget then only but the essentials. A pair of leggings, a t-shirt, a dress, a bra, and a pair of jeans are everything that you will need during pregnancy. They are all designed in a way so that they would grow with your bump and flatter your body as you move through the stages of pregnancy and into early motherhood. Momewear offers a lot of current fashionable maternity wear at a very affordable price, even for people with a limited budget.

What kind of bra should I wear during pregnancy?

Maternity wears also includes maternity and nursing bra. They are specifically made for growing breasts during pregnancy and nursing. With breathable, comfortable, and seamless material, these bras offer clip-down, clip-up, pulldown, or pullover nursing features these can be worn for, both during pregnancy and while nursing. You don’t need to keep buying bras as their stretchy, smooth material makes it easy to transition from pregnancy to motherhood. Make sure that these bras don’t have underwire, or they can become very uncomfortable.

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Is there any future use?

You can always wear them in the future. Other than nursing, you can wear them as normal clothes too. You can wear them outside for any casual occasion as well as in the home. Also, if you’re planning for another baby, you can use them in your future pregnancies as well. You won’t need to buy them again.

Hopefully, we have answered most of your questions and inquiries regarding maternity wear and nursing clothes.

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