Everything You Need To Know About Maternity Poses

There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.”-Pamela S. Nadav.

If pregnancy is a creation, then it must be worth to hold forever by a single shot. Maternity is a proud moment for every mama-to-be. When it comes to the photo shoot, mama’s are always ready with their classy poses. Even some of the poses you can find in any Maternity Clothing Stores, we are suggesting some poses for becoming mommies who are thinking of a maternity photo shoot

Silhouette: Want to capture your ‘pregnant body’ beauty? Go for a black and white silhouette one. This one will give your body a perfect outline and make your pregnancy look more beautiful.

Focus on belly: This one will only focus on your belly. This shot looks very classy on pregnant women if it’s perfectly done. Place both your hands on your belly and let the photographer make it attractive.

Heart-hands: Make a heart shape with both of your hands and place around your bellybutton. This is the way to express your love who’s inside of your belly.

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Siblings goals: The other siblings-to-be also can’t wait for the arrival of the little one. Take your other kid part of your photo shoot. Make sure the photographer capture the candid moment with your kid as they are kissing on your baby bump, playing with it or wrapping their arms around your belly.

Using props: Using props in the photo shoot is very common in any maternity shoot. Props make the photo cute. Use props like the Ribbon, a pair of baby shoes, baby clothes, or the baby name written on your bump or on a board. This will look cuter than anything.

The fatherly touch: Let the baby’s father touch your baby bump behind your back. This will make the photo romantic as well as caring for both of you and the baby. Do not forget to capture some candid moment with this pose.

Pose with your dog: This is a great opportunity for all dog lovers mama to show your love towards them during your pregnancy. Have your dog trained to pose for you. Go with some simple pose like, capturing a photo with your dog lying its head on your baby bump, make your dog stand on your baby bump (only for small dogs), pose with your other family and your dog.

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