Different Kinds Of Nursing Cover You Should Try While Nursing

Nursing Cover

If you are looking for easier ways to breastfeed in public, then you can try out different types of nursing covers. Some women wear breastfeeding-friendly tops, but they are more adept at nursing in public than new mothers. So, if you feel more comfortable using nursing covers, then you can use these anywhere you go.


It is the most common nursing cover used nowadays. It consists of a large rectangle of fabric covering your upper body fully and has a strap on the back of the neck like an apron. But it also provides a good view of the baby while nursing. It is best to buy a cover made of cotton as it is lightweight and breathable.


It is a regular piece of clothing that you can put on like a top; over other clothes. It is shaped like a poncho, with a V-cut at the front and the sides are open instead of sleeves. This covers the front, sides and back, providing slip-free coverage for nursing. You can easily slip it over your head. Other nursing covers can slide off your shoulders sometimes but a poncho will not. The only downside to a poncho is it doesn’t have room for you to see your baby’s head.


A shawl-style nursing cover looks just like a normal shawl which can be draped over your shoulders. It provides a lot of coverage while you are nursing your baby. Also, you keep the shawl buttoned up or attached from one side so that it doesn’t slip from your shoulders.

Infinity scarf

If you like to wear scarves, infinity scarf nursing covers can be both fashionable and practical. These scarves can be wrapped around your neck twice as a normal scarf or only one as a nursing scarf. These will, in general, come in very neutral colors and patterns so that they work with most outfits and you can wear them as a scarf and after that change to nursing spread when you need it. The only tricky part is that you need to wrap it around you in a way so that you can see your baby but also your baby should not be able to drag it down with their hand while nursing.

The most important thing to remember is whichever nursing cover you choose you should be able to handle them efficiently. They are all very lightweight and versatile for you to use. But if needed you can always wear a breastfeeding-friendly top and then use the nursing scarf.

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