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Darling: A Must-Have Nursing Wear For Every New Mother

The journey from becoming pregnant to becoming a new mother is filled with a little bit of everything; like anxiety, excitement, stress, responsibilities, and so on. It is also the time when you grow out of your clothes rapidly. Never in your whole life goes a phase like this, where you have to buy and discard clothes every week. Maternity clothes, have of course become a part of the pregnancy. But even after you have given birth, your body doesn’t just go back to as it were before pregnancy. One of the most worrying things is that your breasts remain tender and you also need to breastfeed, which is why nursing clothes are important too. Momewear is one of the best stores in the Philippines that provide comfortable and stylish nursing wear for mothers.

If you are a new mother and you are looking for suitable nursing wear, then you must check out ‘DARLING‘. Though it is mostly suitable for new mothers, you can buy them during pregnancy also, because it works perfectly for both these phases. As we all know that maternity clothes can be really expensive, so wouldn’t it be great if we can wear the same clothes during both pregnancy and nursing.

Features of Darling are:-

1.Fashionable look: The dress is made of two layers. The inner layer is a sleeveless ankle length dress. It is made of pure 100% cotton. The outer layer is a jersey acid washed top which has an uneven cut giving it a stylish look of both dress and top.

2. Best for nursing: Although it can be used as a maternity cloth due to its loose fit, it is most advantageous during nursing time. Between both the layers, there is a V-shaped opening that helps in breastfeeding. You can also use the top as cover during nursing to cover up everything along with your baby’s head.

3. Size: We understand the importance of size, especially during this time. Darling comes in three sizes- Long, medium, and small. You can also get the suitable one by matching the size of your bust, hips, and waist accordingly.

4. Price and Color: As the dress is really exclusive, it comes in only one color which is brown, giving it a practical yet stylish look. You will also be surprised to know that the dress costs only 650 php.

If you are looking for the ultimate nursing wear plus maternity clothes, don’t wait and grab this absolute ‘darling’ dress.

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