Check Out The New Maternity Clothes: Cheska And May

Maternity Clothes

Choosing the right clothes during pregnancy is important. Even when you are buying maternity clothes, not all of them might suit you well. But wearing the same type of dresses over and over can become boring. If you are still working and haven’t started your maternity leave yet, new maternity clothes are important for you to carry on. Momewear, a leading maternity clothing store, in the Philippines, has launched two new maternity dresses Cheska and May, suitable for you.


It is a maternity top which you can wear on casual occasions or also at home. If you are going to wear something all day long then you should buy very comfortable clothes. Cheska is one such dress. The material of this top is of french terry fabric. In case you don’t know, French Terry fabric is a knitted terry cloth fabric that has loops and soft piles of yarn on the inside of the top, and a smooth, soft surface on the outside of the top. This makes the top light-weight and moisture absorbent. It’s also made from 100% cotton. You can wear this top even after childbirth if you are going to breastfeed. It has a V-opening in the inside and pulls the upper half of the top for nursing. The sizes available for this top are from Small to Extra-large. There are four different color options available for this top. They are old rose, black, peach, and white.


Maternity and Nursing Wear

Another new arrival is May, whose best feature is the formal look of the dress. You can wear a May at an office party or on a regular day at the office. As the material of the cloth is made of 100% cotton spandex, it is very comfortable, stretchable, and light-weight. Apart from the dress being a button-down from the front, it also has an attached jacket design with a belt in the front, which can be knotted to give support to your belly. Available in several sizes from small to extra-large, you can buy one size above then your normal size to provide more room for your bump in the later stage of pregnancy. This dress can also be worn during nursing as it has two-way access. The attached jacket can be pulled from the side when you are breastfeeding, or you can open the buttons from the front and feed your child. May is available in three different colors that are Aqua-blue, Fuschia, and Olive green.

So, don’t wait and come to our maternity clothing store to grab these two dresses before it’s too late.

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