Buy The Best Nursing Wear Online For Your Child’s Baptism

Odessa & Olina | Momewear

Baptism is a tradition that most Christian families follow after the birth of their child. It is mostly done right after the child is born as early as possible. During this time if you are breastfeeding, you would need a dress to wear suitable for the occasion. You would be busy most of the time taking care of your child. At Momewear, we understand how busy life can become after childbirth, which is why we are offering two best nursing wear to buy online. Odessa and Olina are the two dresses that you can wear at your child’s baptism.


Odessa | Momewear

When the occasion is baptism, then you cannot go wrong with white. Wearing white in a church is the most appropriate attire. Odessa comes in only one color that is white. The dress is made of chiffon and designed intricately on lace. The half sleeve dress is knee-length and has V-neck where the sleeves are mostly net-sleeves. As it is a nursing wear, it gives you access for nursing your child if you pull one side of the V-neck aside during breastfeeding. Right after giving birth, you must still be carrying some of the pregnancy fat, which makes it hard to wear a very fitted dress. Another feature of Odessa is it is an empire-cut dress which gives you more breathing room and is not a figure-hugging dress. The dress comes in four different sizes which you can wear according to your comfort.


Another white nursing dress we are offering, is Olina, which is also available only in white. This knee-length dress is two-layered where the top-layer design can be pulled aside during nursing and still stay covered. You can also drape a shawl over the dress if you feel conscious during nursing your child in the public. The dress is available in four different sizes-small, medium, large, and extra-large. If you wish to wear something classy yet simple, this dress would be perfect for you. The cut of this dress is straight-cut.

On the day of baptism, along with your child, as the mother, you will also be the centre of attention. Besides, dressing up and going to the church along with your family can be a good change rather than staying knee-deep with diapers and formula. If you want something different than Odessa and Olina, you can order any different nursing wear online from our store.

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