Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

Breastfeeding is beautiful as well as challenging thing when you are a new mom. Many women often worried about it, ‘Am I doing right? Or how I am going to do it?’ But We suggest, don’t worry about this too much. You and your baby will get used to it on time. Now prepare for those upcoming months, on how are you going to keep your baby healthy with all the breastfeeding benefits. Here are some breastfeeding tips for new moms, from our side.

Choose A Sober Environment For Your Baby:

Choose a sober environment for your baby

When you feed your baby, make sure you’ve chosen a sober and relaxing environment. A relaxed environment will make your breastfeeding easier for your baby . If you’re stressed or disturbed, do not breastfeed on that moment. It will hamper your baby’s mood as well. Wait a while before doing it.

Always Choose Comfortable Clothes:

Breastfeeding Friendly Tops

Breastfeeding will not be easier when you’re uncomfortable with regular clothes. Try Breastfeeding Friendly Tops, which will bring you comfort . Go for cotton based material which will save you and your baby from skin irritation.

Know The Signs:Know the signs

If your baby licks her/his lips continuously, open and close her/his mouth, or go for sucking everything near you, then it must be a ‘hungry’ sign . Feed your baby right away without a second thought.

Secure Your Position:

Secure your position

Choosing the right position while breastfeeding, is important for you. Choose a supportive sofa or a bed to avoid back pain. Breastfeed by lying on your side with your baby in opposite to you. Or you can also try sitting on a sofa, supporting your back with your baby lying on your lap.

Secure Your Baby’s Position:

Secure your baby’s position

Securing your baby’s position is also important, Make sure your baby’s mouth and nipple matching the same level. Let your baby latch on the entire areola.

Enjoy The Feeding Process:

Enjoy the feeding process

It’s important to feel the experience you’re having. Spend the time with your baby, try to connect with him/her. It is a wonderful time to boost the mother-baby bond.

Take care of your breast’s skin:

Take care of your breast’s skin

After feeding, cleanse your breast area with a dry cloth. Wash your skin with gentle soap during the bath. To avoid irritation, let your skin air out for some time, before slipping back to your top.

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Always be patient and let the bond develop.

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