A Guide To Pumping Breast Milk Perfectly

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Breastfeeding Friendly Tops are very helpful while breastfeeding, however, if you are a working mother, it must be difficult for you to feed your baby in time. For that, you need a breast pump so that you can extract milk from your breast and store the milk to feed your baby in time.

There is no alternative to breast milk. Breast milk is the only food a baby needs after birth until they reach 6 months of their age. A breast pump is the best way to provide your breast milk to your baby without depending on any formula milk.

Breastfeeding Friendly Tops | Momewear

Here is a complete guide of a breast pump for you to know-

  • What Is Breast Pumping?

Breast pumping is the process of extracting milk from your breast with a pumper at regular times. You can store the milk in a bottle or any hygienic container. The process can be time consuming and exhausting, though nothing is better than the breast milk for your baby.

  • How Many Times You Will Pump?

A newborn will need a bottle of milk every 2-3 hours during a day. For your first week, you can pump 8-12 times each day. Pumping will help you to stimulate your body and produce a healthy milk supply. As your baby grows up, make the pumping session longer and increase the bottle count.

  • How To Pump?

Pumping can be very time consuming and exhausting process from time to time. Follow these steps for a comfortable pumping:

1. Sit in a comfortable and quiet place for pumping.

2. Plug in your pump and make sure the battery is working well. There is no need to check for an electric pumper.

3. Wash your hands with soap before the pump.

4. Fit the flanges perfectly over your breasts’ and centre the nipple in the flange opening.

5. Turn the pump on.

6. Adjust the milk flow as per your need. You can start with low speed and low suction. Slowly speed up with the process.

7. Once milk flow decreased, increase the speed of the suction.

Continue the process as per your need.

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