A Brief Introduction On Maternity Leave And Its Importance

Breastfeeding Nursing Tops

Pregnancy is the most blissful state for a woman. However, to go through this is not that blissful all along. Especially for working women. They need a period time off from their office and make themselves comfortable enough to join the work again. Moreover, in this period wearing comfortable breastfeeding friendly tops is necessary. These tops will not only help you during your pregnancy and also after the childbirth.

Maternity leaves are really important to cope with the childbirth and the while in the state of pregnancy. Normally, offices in the Philippines, grant leave on this matter before one month of the delivery. Then after the childbirth, it stays for 60 days, and for those who had C-section, they get 78 days of paid leave. In total, it comprises of 3 to 4 months.

During the most of the pregnancy period, most of the to-be-moms works every day. They do not feel at ease, because they are carrying around a bump with them every day. It feels utterly uncomfortable if they have to maintain a dress code for these days. So, the solution is for those who don’t have to maintain one, or those who can bend the dress rules a bit for these days only.

Breastfeeding friendly nursing tops can come really handy at this time. You can definitely wear them in your office as they are very presentable and overall very comfortable. These clothes will not suffocate you, even though you feel almost dying in the heat. These will provide you space and comfort at the same time. So when other women are actually hyperventilating during the summer time you can breathe in ease even though you are heavily pregnant.

The nursing clothes offer extra space for your breasts to go larger, which it does during pregnancy. Once your baby is born. You get at least 2 to 3 months of leave from your office. Although, during this time you don’t have to go to work, you can use your breastfeeding-friendly nursing tops as your comfortable wear. You can also start wearing these comfortable clothes once you again start going to the office. You are surely breastfeeding your baby still, and these will be your real friend this time.


As maternity leaves have its perks, also wearing maternity dresses has it’s own advantages too. So, don’t forget to get these from the house of Mome.

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