5 Ideas To Make A Perfect Easter Basket For Your Pregnant Wife

Easter may not be a common special day for filled with gifts for your wife, but you can make this Easter more special for her. Never leave any chance to cherish your pregnant wife more and more. Start with Maternity Clothing Stores for comfy clothes for her bumpy journey. You can also make DIY creative gifts for her.

Easter Basket

Whether it’s DIY or purchased gifts, a gift should be filled with love. Let’s see what you can make-

Make A Easter Gift Basket:

Take a basket and fill it with her favourie items. Put her favourite chocolates, book, perfume, music player, and her favourite bathing items. Do not forget to put an easter egg with a sweet easter love message.

Bring Fresh Flowers For Her :

A Flower bouquet will be the most romantic gift if your woman is fond of flowers. Make a basket of Tulip, Peony, Daffodil, Iris and rose. Make sure you put flowers, that are her favourite. In the last, write a love note and give it to her. Leave it with an easter touch, filling with colourful eggs. If you know your baby’s gender, purchase the eggs on a particular gender colour.

Set A Romantic Egg Trail:

Nothing will be more romantic than that. Surprise her by making an Easter egg trail. Buy a few colourful plastic eggs and be ready with your surprise.

Prepare a trail with eggs, by trailing them one-by-one, leading her towards the closet, where you can keep a set of maternity and breastfeeding friendly tops as a surprise.

Prepare A Basket With Bunch Of Magazines:

Fill a basket with her favourite magazines and books. She will enjoy reading those books during her pregnancy period. Don’t forget to keep a bunny in that. You can also gift her favourite music library as a paid subscription. She’ll love it.

Make A Easter Sweet Basket:

We know all would-be-mama craves for sweet during her time. What about a basket of Easter candies and chocolate? Do not choose only chocolate candies. Go for cookies, cupcakes, and candies as well.

No matter what you choose, make it perfect. For all your, Maternity Dresses, Breastfeeding Friendly Tops and for more, visit us.

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