5 Amazing Pregnancy Journal For Every Mommy-To-Be

Starting from first visit to a maternity clothing store to prepare for birth, everything happens so fast and it is the most overwhelming period for every mama-to-be. That is why the pregnancy journals are here to help them to create a beautiful memory about pregnancy period.

After childbirth, it is all about baby time. It is nearly impossible for you to find time to write and reminisce every moment you spent. It is best if you keep a journal with you and jot down everything before childbirth.

Searching for a journal? Here we listed down some classy journal you must check out.

1. The Belly Book:

The book is all about your belly! It is organized by trimester, including ultrasound photos of belly and written about morning sickness, food cravings as well. The best journal for every expecting mommy can have.

Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Language: English

2. Bump To Baby:

You will fall in love at first sight with this journal. This book is fancy inside and outside. This is a beautifully handcrafted pregnancy journal. Every page provides a fun backdrop and fill-in prompts, which will make easy to write for every mommy. The journal has everything inside the pages as well as extra pages to paste your favourite photos.

3. Expecting You:

This journal will mesmerize you by its beautiful mustard yellow cover. Inside the journal, it offers many blank pages and fill-in pages to create your memory lane and inspirational prompts as well. This keepsake is handy and easy to carry everywhere as your companion.

Author: Amelia Riedler

Language: English

4. My Pregnancy Journal:

This journal is for the first time expecting mothers. It provides enough space to jot down every memory including photos. It has also a cut-out frame on each page where you can add photos. It also provides an ‘All about Mom’ section and a family tree page to include your family!

Author: Alex A Lluch

Language: English

5. Waiting For Baby:

This is a unique journal for every expecting mother. Inside the journal, you will find prompts, which will guide you to write about your experience through your pregnancy journey and you can add photos on the page as well. An absolute journal for every mommy-to-be.

Author: Tracey Clark

Language: English

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