3 Must-Do Things To Do For Expecting Fathers

Father's Day

Hello to-be fathers out there! Happy father’s day in advance, from Momewear. As a leading maternity clothing store in the Philippines, we can’t help but notice that about 7 out of 10 would-be fathers are almost clueless about many aspects of prenatal care and baby stuff. Today we are going to offer you some tips to understand how you can help your pregnant wife and your born-to-be child during this time.

Know Your Role:

father's day

Everyone always talks about a mother’s role in pregnancy, about their problems, experiences, etc. It is essential to remember that a father has a role during the months of pregnancy too. Supporting your partner in every mood swings and morning sickness helps in a lot of ways. Visiting the doctor and Lamaze classes with your partner gives them a lot of support. Supporting her emotionally, by listening to her vent out her feelings and anxiety can work wonders.

Surprise Your Partner:

surprise your partner

It is a very emotional time for the mother-to-be. So, surprising your partner with little gifts and just being thoughtful about their health can lighten up their mood. You can give her gifts from a maternity clothing store. You can take her for picnics in parks or small distance drives. Making her breakfasts in the morning to help her go through the morning sickness, giving her foot massages are the little surprises you can pamper her with.

Be An Equal Partner:

Father's day

Just because you are not carrying the baby does not mean you are any less important or you are not needed. If you are feeling left out, there are things you can do to get involved equally. The diet that your partner is following, you can follow it with them too. This will encourage them to eat properly too. Go for walks and exercises with your partner. Apart from going to Lamaze classes and routine checkups, you can go shopping for your baby with your partner. Share your anxieties and fears with your partner, so that she knows that she is not alone in her fears. This will make both of you feel better.

Most of all, you have nine months to get mentally and physically prepared to welcome your baby. Do this with her in every way you can.

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